Bible Reading Kit (2022 Edition)

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The Sunlight Bibles Bible Reading Kit (2022 Edition) is a free gift for my e-mail subscribers, friends, and family. It’s an eclectic digital collection of Bible reading resources and Scripture cogitations by Sarah Kanz (me) curated over the past two decades.

You are welcome to share this webpage with others, so they can download their own copies of these free Bible Study resources.

The 2022 Bible Reading Kit contains 7 PDF files to download for free:

  • Bible Study Resource Guide: 5 low-cost and free helps to study the Bible
  • 180 Names of God in the Bible (with Scripture references)
  • Acronym: What it means to “R.E.A.D.” the Bible
  • 90-Day Bible Reading Schedule (Will you accept the challenge?)
  • Growing in Grace: A study in grace from the graceful olive tree (eBook)
  • Five Unlikely Lessons from the Queen of Sheba (eBook)
  • What is your Bible-reading personality? (eBook)

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Sarah Kanz
Publisher, Sunlight Bibles



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