May 15, 2023


Me and my Mom

Me (Sarah) with my mother

Hello! My name is Sarah Kanz. I’m the owner of Sunlight Desktop Publishing, a graphic design and virtual assistance business serving small businesses, nonprofits, and families.

I was raised by Christian parents in a lively church culture, but it wasn’t until I read the entire Bible for myself, at age 16, that the Lord Jesus Christ (the Word of God Himself) gave me a new heart to know and love Him.

Reading the Bible, and encouraging others to do so, is my passion and my mission.

In the Beginning

I just love the Bible—a love that is shared by my mother, and her mother before her.

The entire book of Genesis fell out of my Mom's Bible

The book of Genesis fell out of my mother’s Bible!

My Mom has used her well-loved large-print Bible so much that the entire book of Genesis came loose from the binding. It just fell out one day, as she was turning the pages! Instead of repairing it, she found that having the separate book made it much easier to hold and use for reading and studying.

In 2014, my Mom began a Bible study on the life of Moses, beginning with the book of Exodus. She was disappointed, however, to find the pages of Exodus were still firmly attached to the binding of her big Bible! She asked me if I could find a separate book of Exodus to buy.

I went searching online and was surprised to discover that, at the time, none of the big-name Bible publishers were selling individual books of the Bible. What was a graphic designer to do?! The only solution I saw was to prepare and publish a book of Exodus for my Mom. So that is what I did.

A few Individual books of the Bible

An early printing of the first Sunlight Bibles

Then I got to thinking, What if other people are looking for individual books of the Bible? Can I help them, too?

This was the seed from which grew Exodus was published first, because we already had an unusual but useful book of Genesis. But, of course, not everyone has a Bible like my Mom’s (!!!), so the second Bible book I published was Genesis.

Over the next several months, I prepared and published all 66 books of the Holy Bible, either individually or in short collections (such as, the Minor Prophets). These are all available today as the Sunlight Bibles Complete Bible Set, which includes all 66 books of the Bible in 44 separate individual volumes. I have also published a number of one-off, special edition Bible books.