January 23, 2020

Meet Sarah Kanz

Sarah Kanz Headshot

Sarah Kanz, graphic designer and publisher of Sunlight Bibles

What I Do

Individual Books of the Bible
I help people read and study the Bible more easily by publishing large-print individual books of the Bible. Sunlight Bibles are slim, light-weight, tangible books for hands-on Bible reading, convenient comparative study, and easier memorization.

From Genesis to Revelation, all 66 books of the Holy Bible are included in the Sunlight Bibles Complete Set of 44 Individual Books of the Bible available at a discount through sunlightbibles.com. You may also order the Bible books one by one at Amazon.com.

Custom Bible Books & Study Bibles
I also publish a custom Bible books for individuals, Bible study groups, teachers, and ministry leaders.

Are you:

  • studying the Five Books of Moses?
  • comparing the books of Hebrews and Leviticus?
  • memorizing several Epistles?

I will create a special-edition Bible book with just the Scriptures you need for your study. Let’s talk.

Why I Do This

The Book of Genesis fell out!

The book of Genesis fell out of my Mom’s Bible!

My Mom’s Bible

My mother’s large-print Bible is so well used that the entire book of Genesis fell out!

She showed it to me one day and told me it was really handy for reading. She could hold it much longer without her arms getting tired, and then tuck it into her Bible-study notebook for quick, easy reference.

But the other books of the Bible were still stuck in her Bible. She wondered if I could find her a printed copy of the book of Exodus.

I went searching and was surprised to find no Bible publishers were selling all the different individual books of the Bible.

What was a graphic designer to do?

I decided to print my own edition of Exodus through my business, Sunlight Desktop Publishing. I also prepared Genesis and Psalms, then spent some time designing unique covers for the books, choosing photos that visually represent a theme from each book. On a whim, I listed my Bible books on Amazon.com, and people started buying them.

Sunlight Bibles was born.

Over the next 9 months I finished producing the Sunlight Bibles Complete Set of 44 Individual Books of the Bible.

I have also published several special-edition Bible books, including:

How I Help You

Sunlight Bibles individual books of the Bible will help you:

  • Read the Bible more easily as you see the text more clearly.
    Large print is crisp and black, with a font size of 14.6 to 15 points.
  • Hold the Bible longer with less physical strain.
    Each book is light weight, weighing less than 1 pound.
  • Pack and carry the Bible with greater ease and flexibility.
    Individual books are slimmer than one half inch. The complete set of 44 books takes about 10 inches of shelf space.
  • Display the Bible with easy accessibility and artistic flair.
    Pull out just the book of the Bible you need to reference. Library-quality, unique full-color covers.
  • Support visual learning and thinking by spending more time using the same Bible.
    Long-wearing, protective, laminate-coated binding on each book.
  • Enjoy a Bible translation rich in tradition, beauty, accuracy, and influence.
    Featuring the King James Version (KJV) English translation of the Bible.
  • Read just the Bible with no other printed distractions.
    Single-column format; no footnotes, cross-references, or commentaries.
  • Write and underline while you study the Bible, while keeping your whole Bible clean and neat.
    Generous white space on every page and blank pages for notes and prayer lists.

Next Steps

Let’s connect!

If you want to order individual Bible books, visit the Sunlight Bibles Shop.

If you’re interested in getting a custom Bible book, contact me here or e-mail me at sarah@sunlightbibles.com. Tell me what you’re studying in the Bible!