January 23, 2020

Look Inside

Sunlight Bibles are large print books, professionally typeset and printed in crisp black ink on white paper. The Biblical text has a font size of 14.6 to 15 points. The books are covered in a protective laminate coating to add durability.

Each book in the Complete Bible Set is 6 x 9 inches and weighs less than half a pound. (Note that some of the Special Editions books are bigger and heavier.)

Download the free sample, below, to preview the actual size and quality of the large-print Sunlight Bibles individual books of the Bible.

Free Sample

Click here to download the first 5 chapters of Genesis (PDF, 172 Kb)

Sample page from Sunlight Bibles Individual Bible Book of Genesis

Key Features of Sunlight Bibles

  1. Each book is easy to hold, handle, and read
  2. Large print in sharp black-on-white
  3. Library-quality binding with glossy soft cover to minimize wear and tear
  4. Cover images visually capture a theme from each book; wraps around front and back
  5. “Authorized” or King James Version (KJV) (See FAQ: Do you print other versions of the Bible?)
  6. Single-column format for easy reading
  7. No introductions, footnotes, cross-references, or commentaries for focused attention on God’s Word
  8. Chapter headings on each page and indented verse numbers for quick reference
  9. Room to write personal commentary, study notes, prayer lists, and other annotations